Successful Return to RocketHub - 2nd Line & Crowdfunding Music History May 2, 2013


RocketHub is a fantastic advocate for creative expression. In my experience, they have gone out of their way to support and promote the work I do, and help me find the market of people who would also be interested in supporting it. On top of that, I was really interested in their new association with A&E. The idea that, as you are crowdfunding, your work could get noticed, supported, and promoted by a big network, is invaluable.

“2nd Line” comments on the indisputable power of music as told through the context of Charles Neville’s experiences. The way we structured production of “2nd Line” had a profound effect on the way we viewed our goals of the film. In doing Charles’ interview before traveling to New Orleans and experiencing the music scene, we could only begin to imagine its powerful effects. Though after living and breathing New Orleans music, both in clubs and on the streets, we walked away completely mesmerized by its influence; Charles Neville’s stories suddenly clicked. We want to deliver a film that will guide an audience through an emotional transformation similar to the one we made on our trip.


I think the biggest mistake we made the first time around (and admittedly still a bit the second time) was not properly identifying our demographic group. Trying to run a crowdfunding campaign that appeals to all kinds of supporters is incredibly difficult. Think about the types of audiences your film will attract, and reach out to them. For us, both friends and family, but also Charles Neville and jazz enthusiasts, were our biggest contributors. Narrow down your market as much as possible; you will never be able to make a film that pleases all!

Charles Frank & Jake Oleson, Co-Directors, Filmmakers, Crowdfunding Pioneers