WO Bone by WO Design - Crowdfunding a Dog Toy with a Purpose

In the fall of 2012, while serving in Ethiopia, I was struck with a clear calling to leverage my resources and knowledge to help widows and orphans in developing countries. For the past 6 years, my wife Holly and I have owned and operated a natural pet supply boutique (Dee-O-Gee) in Bozeman, MT. I also had some connections in the “product design world” and realized that I could launch a product design company that directly assisted widows and orphans with the sale of each product. WO Design was born in the summer of 2013 and the first product from WO Design, the WO Bone was launched on RocketHub in March of 2014. For the WO Bone, I partnered with Bring Love In, based in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia. Bring Love In (BLI) exists to connect widows and orphans into permanent family units, locally in Addis Abbaba. Each of the orphans in the BLI homes attend school together each day. Providing lunches for those kids is a challenging part of the BLI efforts. This is where WO Design is leveraging sales of the WO Bone to help! For every WO Bone sold, 2 home cooked lunches will be given to a child in the BLI organization. 1 WO Bone = 2 lunches for orphans! The WO Bone is a unique interactive dog toy, with it’s unique “triple twist”, divots and bumps (for oral health of your dog) as key features. The WO Bone will be manufactured in Montana (Made in the USA!) and was conceived and designed in Montana as well. Prototyping and test molds have already been made. Manufacturing and order fulfillment strategies are already in place. Once the WO Bone RocketHub campaign concludes successfully, it will take approximately 1-2 months for order fulfillment. Wholesale pricing and Retail Packaging of the WO Bone is available for Independent Pet Retailers. Our typical customer in the pet specialty “channel” is 40-50 year old female. She usually makes the buying decisions for the pets in the family. But, she is not the typical person that would be familiar with crowd funding, etc. So, we’ve had to do lots of additional “how to” work in person and via email to a number of would-be funders. For crowdfunding success, plan for extra “how to” work in person and via email to a number of people at the beginning of the campaign. This is something we added “on the fly” and I wish we would have had it clearly laid out at the beginning. - Josh Allen, WO Design, Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding Pioneer

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  • April 25, 2014

New York-based Icey Company Crowdfunds Growth

Our inspiration was simple. We need dough. I mean everyone “needs” dough, but we had a particularly wild couple of months. It seemed that if it wasn’t for bad luck we would have had none. We had lost a premier location the Summer before due to some circumstances way over our heads, and that snowballed into losing the roof over our heads, and then we lost 2 vehicles in the span of about a month and all of the sudden we were like “uh yeah, so how are we going to do this now?” We had looked into traditional forms of raising money, meaning banks, venture funds, and private investment but, quite honestly we discovered we aren’t exactly the most credit worthy crew on the planet. You can blame that on our ability to have made just about about every single possible mistake you can make as young businesspeople on our path to where we are now. Keeping that in mind though, while we have made every single mistake you can make, we also figured out to make things happen in a very big way. In our past lives we produced one of the largest snow sport and music tours in the world, we launched a pretty successful marketing company, we rocked mics just about everywhere on the planet as musicians, our activism got us as far as the Oprah Winfrey Show, and we had a pretty glamorous extended stint on Wall Street. Long story short, our mistakes were our greatest teachers. Plus, all of those other lives had built us a pretty good base of fans of how we get down. We thought, “well what is one thing we must have to keep ourselves afloat?”. Our answer? THE VAN!!!! We had seen several of our musician fans have success raising money for projects and we came up with “HELP SCOOPS GET A VAN!” Now, $5000 plus later we are pushing into our last week of funding with the hope of getting something even better than we expected at the start of the campaign. Our supporters have been incredible. We are very excited to whip the new van to their spots and drop off some fresh all natural ICEYs to help them beat the heat this Summer. That is after all what Cool Suppliers do best. The Cool Suppliers are a gang of kids that have a plan to cool the planet. We believe we are on the right side of Global Warming. We believe people are going to be needing their bodies cooled more and more every year. We believe that ALL NATURAL goodness, ICEYs that taste like we just cut the fruit off the respective trees (because in a sense we did), and packed them into freshly designed squeeze cups are the answer to life’s problems. We believe being cool is paramount even when you are not cool, and nothing is cooler than making those around you cooler. As the Cool Suppliers we recognize our place in the revolution. We recognize the importance of getting ALL PEOPLE eating better, and not GOUGING for the goodness. Our single serve squeeze cups are the same price and size as a frozen Snickers bar, or a FrozFruit bar, and that is about where the comparable’s STOP. Our Mango ICEY? Its mango, filtered water, cane sugar, and a few roots, same basis goes for our Strawberry Lemonade, our BlueBerry-Red Raspberry, and our Coconut. After that, there is NOTHING ELSE IN THERE. We don’t FRUC with that corn syrup. You cannot pack more fruit into a container than we do, you can only hope to tie us. We set the standard. We are delightfully DANK. All Summer you will find us on the cooling the streets of Bed Sty, the rooftops of Williamsburg, the beaches in Coney Island, the steps of Cyclone stadium, at festivals, parties, and just about anywhere people are being active in New York City. We will be walking in the doors of your favorite corner stores, delis, bodegas, mini marts, and letting the shopkeepers know they need to be reserving a spot for a couple of our boxes in their freezers. We are the at the beginning of the movement. The story is only beginning to be told, and we are dropping theme music right alongside it. A fresh mix of Summer anthem-NYC-all night and all day-music called the “SUMMER 60”, tied in with Reverb Nation, curated by DJ IMAGE of Wu-Tang and Cirque Du Soleil fame. So, let the Summer heat hit hard, the Cool Suppliers will come harder everyday, all day. For any of those that are looking to crowdfund, best advice we can give is have a singular goal. The more tightly focused on something you can be, the better. For instance, we need money for a lot of things but, a van is something that everyone can see and feel. Its a pure goal, its finite, its tangible. We saw our musician friends with their albums doing it like this, so we kind of copied that style. Next, be sure to create some worthy personalized perks. Definitely, definitely, plan ahead, don’t just drop the campaign, and expect everybody to jump to it. Make those closest to you aware of what you are doing before you do it. This way you have some momentum when you get started. Have a team, doesn’t got to be baseball team sized, but have a few with different networks, this will help spread your love a bit further. Also, know your networks, what can they support with, what will they respond to? Don’t be dropping caviar and champagne perks for your soup and crackers crowd. Then GET ACTIVE. Hit it all day long, don’t be shy, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose because after all, you are where you are in the process of becoming cool and your fan base gets that, they want to see you succeed. If for some reason they don’t? Well, then maybe they need be downsized from your network. Truth rises. On we rock. Ahem, and by the way. If you gleamed anything from this interview, whether it be insight, energy, enthusiasm, or a laugh. Hit up our campaign and drop a few bucks. We have surpassed our $5000 goal, we have a week left, and it would be really fresh if we can get a van that is going to last us longer than a Summer or two. Cool? Cool. Here’s the link. - Timmy Grins, Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding Superstar

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  • April 23, 2014

With Large Voice and Fierce Talent - Kosi Crowdfunds New Album

This album is the natural extension of my first album, One More Cup of Coffee. My first album was done relatively quickly with just one guitar accompanist, and it worked well. However, there were certain songs I didn’t include, like the title track of my second album, Pictures of Us, because I needed more instrumentation to make it work. The inspiration for both of these albums came from a former collaboration with another singer-songwriter named Ryan Parker. While our project, the Kosi and Ryan Project, never did make it into the studio, it was Ryan who gave me the idea that this was something we could do, and then, after the breakup of the collaboration, I transferred that mentality into my own project. I find that crowdfunding is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. Having the RocketHub platform is certainly a boon, as it makes it much easier to handle the the technical details. However, the part that involves my asking people to participate is difficult for me psychologically. Luckily for me, I have two musician friends who successfully raised the money the money they needed for their respective albums, one of whom ran on the RocketHub platform and fairly recently, and so I’ve had a model of success to follow; I haven’t had to it up as I go along. My first and only piece of advice is that if you are like me, and have a psychological block against asking for help and/or participation, you’re going to have to get over it. Don’t hesitate to talk yourself up, even before the campaign begins. Don’t be bashful. - Kosi, NYC-Base Singer/Songwriter, Crowdfunding Success

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  • April 18, 2014

Big Al Crowdfunds Incredible Video Game Remixes

I was in a rap group 11 years ago in college, then took a break to pursue a professional career and chase the dollar. Years later I realized I was not satisfied with my life and something needed to change. I had taught myself to play the keyboard long ago, and instead of practicing to classical or whatever, I sought out the sheet music for my favorite video games and TV/movie themes from the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t know why. It’s just funny to me. It makes me laugh and that brightens my day—and hopefully others’. I have difficulty making music about “serious” topics and keeping a straight face. I would never be the John Mayer type at an open mic with the acoustic guitar. I think there’s enough of that already. Plus, I’m obsessed with variety and really, really like seeing art get “remixed” or re-created in a new genre or medium. Like an 8-bit Zelda piece played by a string quartet. A soul/funk version of MarioKart. Hearing one rapper’s voice over Depeche Mode instrumentals. PowerGlove oven mitts. Basically, if I like something a lot to begin with, imagine the joy of experiencing it again in a different way as if for the first time. My music gives me an ongoing vehicle for laughter and fun that isn’t available to a substantial degree within a business career. But I sure as hell didn’t want to try to make a career out of music or comedy because it doesn’t pay much and I’ve already experienced the joy of living in my car. So I committed to pursuing my real passion on evenings and weekends without regard for its commercial viability. My financial goal as a musician is to break even and get my money back. That’s all. Something about a self-sustaining hobby fascinates me. I got encouraged by two things happening in the same month a year ago. One was the documentary “Nerdcore Rising,” (available on Netflix) which is about the nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot and his struggles to make it as a musician covering atypical topics for the hip-hop genre. I had not heard the phrase nerdcore before, and it opened my eyes that “Hey…this is a thing. There’s actually a growing audience for this kind of music.” The other was attending Rockage, an annual video game festival in San Jose, where artists like Mega Ran, Doctor Awkward, and Urizen came into town and inspired me with their performances. As I traveled home I thought, “What if it was me up there performing again, next year?” I’m happy to say that dream came true 2 months ago. Making a rap album was something I’d been thinking about for years and the hardest part was deciding to actually do it. Once I did, I started performing a few songs locally and produced one single with help from a professional studio and engineer and that clued me in as to how much an album costs to produce and what is really required. As I rap in one of my songs, “Anything you want is just a budget and a task list.” I don’t happen to have thousands of dollars on me at the moment, and if I did, then (to be frank) paying off debts or something would be a more righteous use of the funds, so I decided to reach out to my existing fans, plus come out of the closet, as it were, to my non-music friends, family, and business associates and ask for the money. This was really scary. I could picture them rolling their eyes and writing me off, so I did a lot of second-guessing before I finally clicked the Submit Project button. It was touching to see people sponsor me for $25, $50, even $100. To think that someone believes in me and likes what I do that much was encouraging. It’s been a fun experience so far and has given me an excuse to do some publicity, promotion, and other wackiness like my promo video and some other things during the campaign I would not have done otherwise. Several “nerd” musicians have put on crowd funding campaigns in the past, so I researched their projects and duplicated what seemed to work while also trying some new things I’ve learned in my career in marketing online. We are progressing steadily towards my funding goal, and even if we do not reach 100% of it, my album is still going to be produced as every dollar helps. Some people are against asking fans for money to make your album, but my response would be “Well, where the hell is the money supposed to come from if I don’t have it all myself?” I figure if there’s nothing wrong with selling an album then why would there be anything wrong with pre-selling it during a fundraiser. We’re all in this together…there’s no music without the fans and no fans without the music. I’d suggest using a platform like RocketHub that does not deny you your funds and make the entire campaign a ginormous waste of everyone’s time and energy in the event you fall one dollar short of your funding goal. That is too all-or-nothing for my taste, as I believe that something is almost always better than nothing. The other thing I’d suggest is find out all the proven, best practices for conducting a successful campaign and then implement them. RocketHub’s PDF guide was very helpful…I went through it and broke it all down into a checklist and did it over several months until the time as right to launch. Vlad took the time to consult with me on the phone for 45 minutes and that was pretty cool. I appreciated the personal touch and sincere desire to help. Also, there’s a fantastic post on Tim Ferris’s “Four Hour Workweek” blog about putting on a successful funding campaign. I applied everything demonstrated there, including shamelessly modeling the structure of the sample funding promo video given:) But marketing hacks aside, I’d bet 80% of it boils down to your existing relationships at the time of your project’s launch. I’m glad that I took 6 months first to meet other fans of the nerdcore, 8-bit, and video game music genres, as well as other musicians, both in the Bay Area as well as at MAGFest, the largest video game and music festival in the U.S., as most of my sponsorships (and fans) have come from them. So take your time, prepare well, and do it right when the time comes. Good luck! - Alan Brymer a.k.a. Big Al, Hip-Hop/Funk/Dance Artist, Crowdfunding Pioneer

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  • April 16, 2014

The Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship and RocketHub Help Launch New Ideas

Students enter E3 with an idea, and emerge eight months later as CEOs of their own companies. —The Boston Globe The Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship, the program known as E3, is a year-long immersion in the study of entrepreneurship, and learning how to build and launch a new business venture. Completion of two semesters of program coursework leads to a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. A cohort from the E3 program has launched nine awesome crowdfunding projects on RocketHub. Everything from mobile apps to geeky fashion is represented. E3 features a combination of applied and academic learning experiences that take students from the classroom into the world of entrepreneurship. Students examine the many aspects of entrepreneurship—the role of the entrepreneur in our society, recognizing and assessing opportunities, crafting business plans, making business presentations, implementing efficient operations, and engaging business partners and resources for their ventures. The skills learned in the program will benefit students whether they are involved in building their own businesses, or working for another company, as entrepreneurial thinking is not confined to start-ups. As part of the collaboration with Emerson, RocketHub’s Co-Founder and CTO - Vlad Vukicevic - will be speaking at the E3 Entrepreneurial Conference. Be sure to join us in Boston on Saturday, April 19th. - Ja-Naé Duane, Entrepreneur, Leader, Teacher

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  • April 10, 2014

NYC’s First and Only All Women Mariachi Crowdfunds First Album

Part of our RocketHub project, we are releasing NYC’s first ever all women Mariachi Multicultural Musical Fusion Album! We believe that this project is historic in its nature and we welcome people to be part of this moment by funding it on RocketHub. We think RocketHub is instrumental in allowing people of different cultures all over the world to participate in the musical conversation we are creating with this record. We had a smaller window then is usual with crowdfunding and we were a bit worried that it would be harder to reach our goal but we were pleased by the prompt and generous contributions. In only 20 days we have reached 75% of our goal! We have worked really hard to spread the word not only through social media but also at shows and personal communication with our fans, family members and friends through email and phone calls. Having an active campaign on RocketHub has afforded us an opportunity to put forth a clear and organized vision to our fan base and the world at large, which is a key component of demonstrating our commitment to our craft and providing a quality product. They can rely on us to be amazing! Our diverse audience has responded favorably to the tools provided by RocketHub, which stream lined the process and made it transparent allowing for a more direct connection between our funders and us. We’ve poured our heart and soul into our project our first ‘born’ album. We now have a proverbial ‘due date’ and RocketHub is the daddy!! Real talk is our approach. Don’t rely on Facebook “likes” because it could cost you a lot of money these days. Be prepared to invest some extra time and PR towards the middle of your campaign to keep people interested and engaged. It was helpful to make a snazzy business card with the relevant RocketHub URL (and QR code) printed on it which we handed out at shows and in public. - Mireya I. Ramos and Mariachi Flor de Toloache

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  • April 8, 2014

HAIRiette of Harlem - A New Product Comes to Life through Webseries

HAIRiette of Harlem was inspired by a series of bad hair days gone very, very wrong. I decided to make light of it (hence the webseries) and create a solution (a simple soapless system designed for women with naturally textured hair). The charitable component serves our mission to help make the world a better place—one hair at a time. It’s been incredible! Crowdfunding is a great way for creatives and business owners to launch. It’s a vulnerable thing, too. I’ve been in millions of households all over the world during a long and vibrant career as an actress, and I’ve never felt quite this vulnerable. It’s a new, unexpected surprise. I am so very grateful for the support the project has received!! For success, stay positive. Leave no stone unturned. I’m a big believer in asking EVERYONE for their support; you’ll be surprised at the people who will open their wallets to fuel your dream. There are wonderful people in this world who know that our main purpose here has a lot to do with assisting one another. Crowdfunding is faith in action. - Tanya Wright, Actress, Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding Star

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  • April 3, 2014

FreshDirect and RocketHub Announce “Next Big Food Thing” Winners

Spelt Right: A Grain of the Past Crowned $10,000 Grand Prize Winner; Chia Chicks, Inc. and eggthingy Projects Receive $2,500 Runner-up Awards. LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. (March 19, 2014) – Leading online fresh food grocer FreshDirect and top crowdfunding company RocketHub, today revealed the exciting conclusion to their “Next Big Food Thing” contest, naming Spelt Right: A Grain of the Past the grand prize winner. Submitted by Beth George of New York, NY, founder of Spelt Right Foods, the project is focused on raising funds for continued studies on the growth of spelt, a highly nutritious ancient grain not commonly cultivated due to its tough hull. Her goals are to fund studies to increase the knowledge base of growing spelt in the northeast and provide information on the health benefits of the “super grain” spelt. The expert panel of judges also awarded two runner-up prizes of $2,500 to the Chia Chicks and eggthingy projects. Chia Chicks, Inc. owners Misty Lynn McCauleyand Mary Baljak of Brooklyn, NY believe that, “snack food should not be synonymous with junk food.” That sentiment was the inspiration behind their idea for vegan, gluten-free cookies. In addition to using high quality, organic ingredients, they’ve incorporated a super food: the chia seed. The nutritional benefits of chia seeds include fiber, omega fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants, and protein, among others. eggthingy, submitted by Grace Kim of Long Island City, NY, is a silicone, egg-shaped mold that allows one to make signature hard-cooked eggs from egg whites. Inspired by her own distaste for yolk, Grace developed eggthingy as an alternative to non-molded egg cookers to maintain the original egg shape and to promote eating flavorful hard-cooked eggs. “We were blown away by the inspiring and inventive entries we received, and we’re excited to highlight three winning projects that speak to our mission to continually innovate in the food space,” said David McInerney, FreshDirect Co-Founder. “From making snackfood healthy and great-tasting, to changing the way we view a whole category of food like eggs, to working to build more opportunities for farmers to grow and thrive, our “Next Big Food Thing” contest resulted in fantastic ideas.” About the Contest and Judging Beginning in October 2013, the “Next Big Food Thing” challenged entrepreneurs to submit innovative food-related ideas— from food products to kitchen gadgets, to farming advancements to food businesses— to be crowdfunded via Rockethub.com. In November, 15 finalists were announced and proceeded to the crowdfunding period of the contest where they raised money for their projects. The projects raised a collective $70,000+ from supporters. At the end of the crowdundingperiod, all finalists’ entries were reexamined by a panel of judges based on the money raised through funding, funder engagement and the overall quality of their idea. The expert panel of judges included: Geoff Bartakovics, Tasting Table CEO; Natasha Case, Coolhaus CEO; Sarah Copeland, Real Simple Food Director; John Craven, BevNet Founder; David McInerney, FreshDirect Co-Founder; and Viraj Puri, Gotham Greens Co-Founder and CEO. For more information visit nextbigfoodthing.rockethub.com. Like us on facebook. Tweet #nextbigfoodthing About FreshDirect FreshDirect is a leading online fresh food grocer in the U.S., delivering premium quality fresh-from-the-farm foods and brand-name groceries directly to the doors of customers in the greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut metro area and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, including Delaware. With unique relationships with suppliers and farmers around the world, FreshDirect focuses on providing customers with the best-tasting, freshest, top quality foods and meals. Additionally, FreshDirect’s research, development and production facility creates and innovates the more than one thousand unique meals and baked goods produced in house daily by a team of chefs. FreshDirect aspires to be a valued corporate partner in all communities in which it serves, and works extensively with multiple charitable and community partners. About RocketHub RocketHub is a top crowdfunding company that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and social leaders raise millions of dollars. RocketHub is a brand-friendly crowdfunding platform that delivers powerful pathways for success to its users.

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  • March 28, 2014

Crowdfunding “2 Bikes & 300 Miles” for Outdoor Education & College Access

Our fundraiser is unique because we are raising money for two important causes related to education: outdoor education (via the Bridging the Watershed Program) and college access (via AdmitLink Consulting). We are biking 300 miles of the Potomac River in Maryland & Washington, D.C. because of our passion for two unique causes that are changing the lives of D.C.-area youth. Zoe Unruh & Outdoor Education with Bridging the Watershed Every school year, more than 5,000 students have the opportunity to participate in curriculum-based outdoor science education in National Parks, and the vast majority of them arrive on buses. At Bridging the Watershed, we are privileged to see those students discover the joys of learning science in a very real, hands-on way, and of making connections to National Parks and the outdoors that simply cannot happen within the confines of four walls. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, a number of low-income schools are located in districts that cannot afford to pay for buses. Nearly 5,000 high-school students have participated in BTW field studies at National Parks since 2010 thanks in part to money allocated specifically for bus transportation for the county. When government cutbacks hit the NPS hard last spring, this bus money evaporated. Over 30 field studies for more than 1,000 students from low-income school districts have been canceled. While every field study is valuable and important to the students and their communities, outdoor education should not be limited to those who can afford it. Low-income students should not lose the opportunity simply because of a lack of transportation funds. Jaimie McFarlin & College Access with AdmitLink Consulting When Zoe told me about a fundraising idea of a bike ride, I was extremely excited for the adventure. We planned it so that I would take the trip in lieu of my spring break for law school. Both Zoe and I are so passionate about our causes, and I immediately knew that I wanted to raise funds to expand the programming of my college access non-profit, AdmitLink, into the Washington, DC area. AdmitLink is a non-profit, college and graduate school admissions consulting firm. In Washington, DC, we are looking to implement our college access curriculum into the programming of non-profits in the area, helping underserved high school students with the college application process. We use a teach-the-teacher method of educating mentors, athletic coaches, and other involved adults about the college admissions process and how they can assist their high school student through the college admissions process. AdmitLink partners with other non-profits, after school programs, mentoring programs, and organizations serving low-income communities to deliver professional development, materials, and programming regarding the college application process. We are very new to the crowdfunding experience, and the simplicity of RocketHub made the platform a great fit. Zoe has fundraised for several other causes before, but with crowdfunding and our small gifts for donors, such as customized postcards and calendars, Rockethub allows our supporters to be part of the adventure in some way. The small tokens of appreciation created with photographs from the trip will build a sense of community and hopefully will be a uniting force. Generally, we believe that crowdfunding for social ventures really allows for donors to support entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Rockethub definitely hits that sweet spot. So far, the support has been phenomenal and were are so close to reaching our goal! Fundraising for a non-profit is a humbling experience. Don’t be afraid to talk about your cause all day every day. Some of our donations came from unexpected places and people. Also, be sure to plan enough time to put marketing support behind your project, and you will really show potential donors just how passionate and dedicated you are to your cause. - Jaimie McFarlin

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  • March 26, 2014

Old Guys and Their Airplanes - Two Former Foes Meet Again

My inspiration? Seeking Wisdom for myself and sharing it with others. When people who are older and more experienced share what they’ve learned, there is much to gain. By interviewing combat veterans in their senior years, an even greater gamut of life experiences are presented! The chance to bring USAF pilot John Stiles to meet his former foe (NVAF pilot Nguyen Hong My) was too important to pass up. Both men are in their 70s and have moved on with their life. They are at peace with their roles as enemies in a past war. But the process of reconciling their differences, their values, their beliefs against each each others is a basic human situation that confronts everyone, everywhere, every day. It makes me wonder how it’s done and how to communicate it to others. Of course, I am an “artist” who draws airplanes. The drawings, however, are simply an excuse to get people talking. It is “the story” that is of highest value and I am excited to bring that to a bigger audience. For the most part, my supporters are people who are passionate about history and the idea of a personal “legacy” to be left to the world at large. They are at points in their lives where they are either forced-to or want-to, ask the challenging questions of life: “What am I accomplishing by being alive?” “What is important to an individual? A family? A nation?” “Can I affect real change and is change really necessary?” So, of course, they look at my work and find immediate connection! But the idea of CROWDFUNDING as a method is seen as peculiar and abstract. I think “they” need to warm up to the idea. The idea of such open-discussion and involvement is new. Most of my supporters feel like they’re taking a small risk in using Crowdfunding, but once they do, they “Get it.” Crowdfunding is a brilliant idea! It is a wonderful new channel to expand audience, perfect a message and, in the process, improve one’s craft/vocation. However, it is crucial that the Crowdfunder think-through how their work will be valuable to others. People invest in like-minded causes and communicating this “like-mindedness” is essential. I know that the process of using RocketHub has helped me become a better communicator and also understand what other people see as worthwhile. What is that old saying… “If one has no followers, that person is only taking a walk.” To the first-timer, Crowdfunding is expected to be a solution, but be prepared that it is also a process that will reward multiple attempts (just like life). So, start with a group of people who would fund you regardless. Yeah, yeah…it may cost you money in the short term in terms of commissions. That’s just the cost of doing business. The future benefit of learning how to sell and how to engage is worth the price. RocketHub has some pretty cool creation tools and as a platform, is sweet! But in the end, it is up to me and me alone to make my project successful. I am just grateful for the chance. - John Mollison, Artist, Writer, Historian, Builder, Crowdfunding Pioneer

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  • March 19, 2014