Music + Awareness: Water Water Everywhere

I began this project last fall when we were invited (the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation) to write music that responded to issues around climate change. I thought, let’s make a project about water by considering the interplay of contemporary musical sensibilities with Baroque by embracing Handel’s Water Music Suites. I then proceeded to have conversations with every climate scientist I could find to get the inspiration for the song lyrics and concepts. I asked the New York Foundation to fiscally sponsor Water Water Everywhere so we could apply for grants and raise money. RocketHub partners with them. I was very reluctant to launch a crowdfunding campaign, I thought, has it come to this! But I was really mistaken. I have been so moved by the response of my fans and friends. We have had everyone from a Hollywood actors and producer to artists. For success, trust your friend s and fans will support you. See what happens. I found my attitude change for the better! - Nora York, Performer, Writer, Artist

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  • February 21, 2014

U-Jam Fitness Crowdfunds Wider Reach with Workout DVD

Susy and I have been building U-Jam Fitness over the last 4 years via our expertise in music, choreography, and fitness. We have received an unbelievable amount of support, which is estimated at 40,000 people per week dancing to U-Jam Fitness. Since the start of U-Jam Fitness, people have been asking for workout DVDs to take home, because they love this format so much. We finally found the avenues we needed to secure hot radio hits, all legally licensed through the right network. We knew there had to be a way for current and old school artists to let us use their music to help motivate people in the group exercise rooms. It is a win-win for everyone: from students, to instructors to the music industry. So far, the experience has been very humbling, as we are receiving funding every day for this project. We are so happy to see our friends, families, students and instructors all involved in helping make this campaign a successful one. U-Jam is seeing supporters responding with gratitude and happiness to help, thus we recognize how much our supporters have, as far as a vested, personal interest in the growth of this campaign. This is a great way to connect with your current base and bond a bit more in whatever it is you are doing. You will find a great deal of enthusiasm from your supporters. The most difficult part is reaching beyond your current support group. RocketHub shares suggestions on how to do so. Some suggestions are fruitful and some may not be. Do not get discouraged, because this campaign has its highs and lows. Keep your spirit and drive alive every day and think how to reach your product to the outside world. Enjoy the ride…it’s a fun one! - Matt Marks, U-Jam Fitness

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  • February 12, 2014

Babysitting Monkeys Provide Clues About Human Evolution

I began studying tamarins in Bolivia for my PhD thesis in 1997. My initial projects were focused around the diet and ranging behavior of the tamarins. However, the research question that always intrigued me the most was, why do group members help each other, and specifically why do they help each other extensively with infant care? With the help of another primatologist, Wendy Erb, and a primatologist and geneticist Anthony Di Fiore, we developed a research project to test 10 different hypotheses about “why helpers help.” It was amazing to see how many people responded in the first few days of launching our campaign. We raised more money than we thought we would very quickly. Although we know most of our sponsors, some of our donors are friends of friends, so the network is expanding. I think our success is due to several factors. First, we needed only a small amount of money for a very specific purpose with the potential for big results. Second, we set a narrow window of time - we really do need the money quickly in order to keep our research going. I think this urgency inspires some people to act quickly rather than postpone and forget about the campaign. Third, as this is the first time we have attempted to fund a project in this way, no one is tired of us yet! - Dr. Leila Porter, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University, and Dr. Wendy Erb, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology at Rutgers University

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  • January 30, 2014

My Baba’s Kitchen - Crowdfunding a Film About Culture, Food, and Music

There were several inspirations for this project. First, of course, were my grandparents. Many people don’t take a moment to sit down with their grandparents to hear their life story. What were they doing when they were your age? In my grandparents’ case, all 4 had come to Canada searching for a new and better life.They met and fell in love in an unknown land because of their cultural connections. I wanted to share their amazing story through a different medium than I’m used to; I think it will be more powerful and emotional through a short animated film. I was also inspired by many young artists and musicians in my community that have created amazing independent and collaborative projects. It made me realize that everyone has a story worth telling, and that there are people in the world that actually want to hear them and will support you! It has been an extremely exciting process! It is my first time doing any project of this sort, but friends, family and complete strangers have been extremely supportive and curious. Everyday I receive new funders or messages of support. I truly believe that we are living in an amazing time. The internet and specifically social media has connected us even more than before. It is so much easier for creative minds to share their ideas and gather supporters from local to global communities. I am thrilled to be a pioneer in this new form of sponsorship called crowdfunding because it is not only beneficial for me to create my film, but also my funders get something in return! YOU CAN DO IT! It took my a while to realize that this project was possible. I had made a RocketHub account and it sat for a year untouched because I wasn’t sure of myself. I kept talking about my project and how much it meant to me until one day I decided that it was time to actually start. If you have an idea and a team of people willing to support you, go with it! RocketHub is a wonderful website that collects all your information, videos and of course, fundings in one simple and easy to use place. My project wouldn’t be doing so well if I wasn’t using this crowndfunding platform. People like seeing and hearing about progress and with RocketHub, it’s easy to post updates, new images, videos and thank-you’s. - Stephanie Turenko, Filmmaker, Photographer, Multi-Cultural Crowdfunding Pioneer

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  • January 22, 2014

Venture for America Fellows Crowdfund Awesome Ventures

Venture for America empowers talented graduates to spend two years within exciting entrepreneurial organizations across the United States. VFA has taken this mission even further through its crowdfunding partnership with RocketHub - helping fellows raise funds for their own ventures. The second wave of VFA crowdfunding projects on RocketHub show an incredible level of imagination and passion. From beautiful and modern furniture to a new and healthy pasta to a music-creation startup to much more - the VFA fellows present a diverse set of ideas. In addition to total funds collected via crowdfunding, Venture for America will provide financial support to selected projects. The funding phase of the VFA on RocketHub Crowdfunding Round 2 ends on January 20th, and nearly $20,000 has already been fundraised! - The RocketHub Team

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  • January 16, 2014

Good Karma Sails to Crowdfunding Success

Good Karma Racing is a Paralympic class sailing team - skipper Sarah Everhart Skeels and crewman Gerry Tiernan - that promotes independence and human potential through competitive sport. We strive for excellence in the highly competitive arena of international disabled sailing. We are heading to the ISAF Sailing World Cup - Miami regatta January 25th - February 1st to try to qualify for the 2014 US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider, and need your help! Accommodations, travel, new seats and boat maintenance will cost $12,000, and we can’t get there without YOU on our support team. Our experience has been extremely positive. We are receiving strong support from our expected base and are surprised by the interest and financial backing of people we did not consider as funders for our project. To achieve success: go for it! In researching crowdfunding we found that RocketHub was the best fit for our funding project. They provided great support and an organized format to reach our supporters in the most concise format. What we have been the most energized by is the concrete feeling of support for our cause. Not only by the people we expected to support us, but as exciting the people we did not. - Good Karma Racing, skipper Sarah Everhart Skeels and crewman Gerry Tiernan

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  • January 8, 2014

Toilets4Lima - Crowdfunding Innovative Sanitation Solutions

The main inspiration to tackle the sanitation issue has always come from numbers: There are 2.5 billion people worldwide who do not have access to improved sanitation. Around 1 billion people today live in urban slums and the majority cannot have safe sanitation. Lack of sanitation has many severe consequences whereby the contracting and spreading of diseases such as diarrhea and cholera are clearly the deadliest. Slums pose us very particular challenges when it comes to sanitation because they usually are very densely populated, there is little money and mostly there is no clean water or no water at all. At x-runner we wanted to take these challenges and turn them into opportunities. So we created a system that covers all three stages of a sanitation system: the toilet, the treatment and the transport to the treatment plant. All those stages should work without using water and cost as little as possible: Our toilet separates urine and feces and by this, minimizes bad odors and gases. The urine is either drained into the ground or collected in a jar – the solids are stored in a container below the toilet seat. Once a week our poop-pick-up service goes by our customers’ homes and removes the feces container. Our service truck then transports the container to our facility hub where we treat the feces and turn it into compost. We operate in Lima, Peru – the second driest capital in the world and the third most affected city by climate change in the future. Right now there are at least 3 million people in Lima living in slums and who cannot have a regular toilets. So another important source of inspirations is for the team and me the families we serve. They are incredible catalysts for new ideas and for improvements in our system. They are our motivators and our judges. That’s why they are the center of our attention. We work very hard in delivering them the most high quality and professional sanitation service possible. We see our crowdfunding campaign not only as an opportunity to raise funds, but also to really engage individuals in our project and in the cause. The reaction is very positive and we receive many personal e-mails from people that just learned about the issue through us. Our bestseller reward is to have a toilet in Lima named after the funder. We even offer now a Christmas special where you can fund a toilet and name it after a person of your choice. This has been a great hit and we had several supporters having up to 4 toilets named after family members! In our crowdfunding approach, we had the experience that people on Facebook and Twitter did not engage in the funding – pressing the Like button seemed always enough to support our cause for Social media users. We could see more results through sending e-mails and asking friends to forward the message for us! We also did a lot of offline engagement – we hosted events in Lima and in Vienna where we presented our project and the campaign. We handed out flyers and brochures on world toilet day and had very positive reactions! - Jessica Altenburger, Founder and Head of Research and Development, X-Runner

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  • January 3, 2014

The High School Truth - Crowdfunding the Modern Guidebook

As we entered the first semester of our junior year at The School For Ethics and Global Leadership, we were thinking back to the advice we received when we began our freshmen year of high school and what we wish we knew back then. We realized that almost all high school guidebooks were written by those who attended high school more then thirty years ago. So, we saw the opportunity to fill that gap and we began to work immediately. Just over the course of two months, our project gained incredible momentum and we realized that we could unite a group of students who represent the diversity of the United States. We gathered thirty students to help write the book—known as our collaborators— each of whom brings a unique perspective. These students are our inspiration. Because we knew our RocketHub campaign would be the first of its kind, we had to shape our page in a way that would legitimize our project. We are only sixteen years old, but that didn’t stop us from setting our goals high. We spoke with many people before posting our project and gained a lots of feedback regarding our funding goal and rewards. Our graphics and video were very important to us mainly because our target audience was much younger than most RocketHub crowds. We wanted our page to reflect our age but simultaneously be professional, so we had to find the balance between attracting younger and older supporters. Our funders have truly been awesome. So many of our collaborators have shared the RocketHub link with their families and friends and we have received wonderful feedback regarding the uniqueness of our project. Our most popular reward has been the opportunity to offer us advice and critiques on the book. We soon discovered that our funders wanted the chance to have a larger part in the project, so we made it our priority to offer that opportunity to as many people as possible. While we now have a captivated audience for The High School Truth, our project is not yet fully funded. There is always more work to do. The most important thing is to be appreciative of your backers. We send out a thank you email as soon as we see a pledge come in. And we have definitely learned from our mistakes as well. Don’t exhaust your networks within the first few days of the campaign. Send out a few emails everyday to encourage different audiences to visit your site. Make sure you fully understand how a crowd sourced funding campaign works and how to incentivize your audience to fund your campaign and not the next project. The RocketHub FAQ has been incredibly helpful to us during this process. Other then that, your funders will only be excited about the project if you are 10 times more excited, so don’t be afraid to feel overly enthusiastic. Share your RocketHub link as many times as you can and reach out to those you would least expect to help spread the word (our grandmothers have printed out copies and shared them with their friends). Have someone to share your victories and losses with—it makes the entire process so much more enjoyable. - Lila Rimalovski, Martin Rather, and The High School Truth Team

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  • December 23, 2013

FreshDirect Food Projects Raise Over $30,000 on RocketHub

Awesome brands are embracing crowdfunding on RocketHub. FreshDirect, an innovative grocery delivery company, partnered with RocketHub to launch The Next Big Food Thing. The initiative asked entrepreneurs to submit projects that improve food and farming. The projects that launched via the partnership come from a number of categories, including: food preparation accessories, new food products, innovative beverages, farming developments, and much more. In addition to total funds collected via crowdfunding, FreshDirect will provide additional support to selected projects. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000, as well as a chance to partner with FreshDirect; two runners-up will get $2,500. The funding phase of The Next Big Food Thing ends tomorrow, and over $30,000 has already been fundraised! The winners will be announced in early 2014. - The RocketHub Team

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  • December 16, 2013

Death Metal Angola: Crowdfunding the Resilience Tour

Death Metal Angola is a feature documentary which premiered at the beginning of the year at the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival and has since screened in nearly 40 top festivals world-wide, winning awards and getting great press. It tells the story of Sonia Ferreira - a war survivor, lover of rock music, and mother to 55 orphans - as she and her partner, the Death Metal musician Wilker Flores, launch Angola’s first-ever national rock concert. Their dream is to help their country recover from decades of war, through the power of music and their love for one another. When I was in Angola working on the film, I was struck by how much both Angola and the people in the film reminded me of the city where I grew up - Detroit, and the people I grew up with. The tenacity, resilience, humor and heart were the same. A couple of months ago Death Metal Angola teamed up with the Fulbright Association to see if we could leverage the international success of the film to get it out to a broad audience in the States. The first question Fulbright asked me is why I wanted to do this, and without hesitation I told them I wanted to bring this story home to my friends and family and neighbors in Detroit. The folks in Angola had something to teach us. If they could overcome the tremendous adversity and hardships they have faced and bounce back from the brink, then so can we. I believe that their story will ignite the same drive and life-force in the powerful and resilient people I grew up with. Based on this conversation we came up with the DMA RESILIENCE TOUR - a series of screenings, town hall discussions and concerts in towns across the country that have been hit hard by economic and natural disaster. We will use the inspiring story at the heart of Death Metal Angola to trigger conversations about resilience here at home. All it takes for a big change to happen are a few true believers … and the resilience and grit we already have. While running the RocketHub campaign DEATH METAL ANGOLA had its DOC NYC premiere and what followed from that was some incredible press coverage. The film has been dubbed “raucously crowd pleasing” by the Hollywood Reporter, a “cult classic in the making” by the Huffington Post, featured in the Daily Beast and dozens of other publications around the world. The film was shortlisted as “one of the top ten to look out for in 2014” by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and TIME magazine. To amplify this great press coverage, we have been tapping into networks that have been supporting the film from the beginning. These alliances have been key - with Loudwire, The Black Rock Coalition and the Fulbright Association. What has been important for us has been constantly creating new materials, videos, photos, and events that our partners have been able to use and take part in - for example, the vimeo channel we created and the fundraising screenings we are doing this week in various cities around the US. We have been constantly looking to expand our network and alliances. Like with you! We’ve got a week left and count on you! With your support, we can share stories of resilience and inspire communities across the US! Crowdfunding is time-consuming and tough. Before launching your campaign make sure you have a big social network in place or partners who have access to such networks. Don’t stop spreading the word and trying to expand your partners. Be creative and adapt to how the campaign develops. Be bold and sassy. - Jeremy Xido, Josephine Dorado, Maria Stanisheva, and DMA Team

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  • December 11, 2013